Software Troubles

Software Problems: Login, Vnmr1 etc

To perform all the following checks and operations it’s necessary to be logged in as root (# prompt), and therefore to know the root password

a) Check directories

All NMR software resides in the /export/home directory; there are links to route you to this directory from wherever you are, but to be 100% sure use the most sure method. [every keyboard entry should be followed with a return key]

type    pwd     to know current directory

type   cd /export/home

type ls

you should get a list of directories, and the following are essentials:

lost&found            vnmr            vnmr1

b) software problems

you don’t find /export/home: the core software is damaged, and most likely has to be reloaded; as last trial:

type cd /

type fsck -y

this does a file system check and tries to correct troubles (if possible); if some question comes out, answer always y; takes 5-10 min. At the end, reboot.

If many errors are found (fsck takes more than 5 minutes) run fsck -y another time until no errors are found

You don’t find vnmr: the NMR software is damaged/lost, and has to be reloaded; the VNMR6.1C cd-rom and Software Installation Manual are needed

You don’t find vnmr1: reinstall it as follws:

type cd/vnmr/bin

type ./makeuser vnmr1 answer y to all questions

Other problems are somewhat complex are require a visit from Varian service





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