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Time goes by, and I almost completely discontinued my life-long activity supporting  Varian NMR (and EPR!) spectrometers.

If you look for support on Varian/Agilent Spectrometers contact:

Mr. Luigi Mattavelli

Dr. Bert Heise

Both guys are ex-Agilent technical support people and can deliver a top-quality service

For some technical hints and suggestions, look at the “Basic Troubleshooting” page on this website

If you think I can be of any help, feel free to contact me







2 thoughts on “Service & Support

  1. Peter Mitrakos

    Hi Vanni,

    I have a Herley AMT solid state RF power amplifier that has been damaged and wished to get a quote for its repair. The following is the particulars of our amplifier:
    Model- 3446-V
    Serial# H012107
    Date Code# 0330

    I would appreciate it if you can contact me via email.
    Thank you.


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